Broth: The New Liquid Lunch
Wall Street Journal - January 2, 2015
  • Some of their comments in this article that support broth as a meal are:
  • "Broth, quite possibly the only dish that counts as both a comfort food and health aid"
  • "Broths, the latest darling of the wellness world, touted as beneficial for weight loss, skin quality, joint health and digestion."
  • "...a NY chef, personally credits broth with sending him on a path to good health...."
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How to Lose Weight Eating Chicken Broth
  • "Chicken broth can be an excellent drink to fill your hunger gap" and cites a diet that includes chicken broth as a drink in the morning, for lunch and dinner.
  • There are similar benefits of Kettle Kup Beef Soup . Vegetarian Soup is also vegan for special dietary needs.
  • A lot more has been said and written about the benefits of broth and how it is consumed as a complement to a meal, a meal itself and a healthy snack anytime.
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