Kettle Kups Frequently Asked Questions
Will Kettle Kups work in all Keurig models?
Yes, Kettle Kups are compatable with all Keurig models including the new 2.0 model. They will also work in other model brands that accept traditional single cup products.
Any modifications or special settings required on my Keurig brewer to use Kettle Kups?
No, settings are the same as any of your other favorite beverages. Although we recommend a setting for 12 oz, you can choose any setting higher or lower than that, as you do with any other beverage. to adjust the beverage strength.
Will Kettle Kup soups require my brewer to be rinsed before brewing my next cup of coffee and tea?
No. Soup taste will not migrate into your next cup of coffee and tea. Just change at will from beverage to beverage as you always do.
Are Kettle Kups healthy to drink?
Kettle Kups are a lot more natural and healthy than most of the leading canned or powdered soups. Kettle Kups are all natural, allergen free. gluten free, no MSG and lower sodium than many of the canned and powdered brands.
I heard that those plastic single cups when discarded are bad for the environment.
Kettle Kups is passionate about positively impacting the environment one cup of o time. Our Recyclable plastic single cups are comprised of an advanced proprietary blend of #5 Recyclable Polypropylene along with other eco-friendly materials, producing a capsule with a moisture/oxygen barrier that is up to 10x less permeable than typical Polystyrene cups. Traditional plastic single cups are not recyclable.
Where can I find Kettle Kups in the store?
Look where single cup products are sold, probably near the coffee and tea products. Because of the dynamic growth of single cup consumption, many retailers are building a section in the store dedicated to single cup beverages. Kettle Kups single cup soups expands the variety of alternate, trendy beverages for consumers to more fully enjoy their Keurig brewers. Kettle Kups brews soup broth, which has been shown to offer many benefits for health and diet without the let down of caffeine. Consumers across the country are gravitating to soup broth as a meal replacement and because of its soothing, refreshing effect. Kettle Kups might also be found in the soup aisle in your stores. If your local store does not carry it, please write to us or let us know at www.kettlekups.com..

Soup Facts Consumption Trends
Value of U.S. Retail Sales of Soup, $US millions, Historic/Forecast
  2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
Soup 4,348.3 4,392.5 4,448.5 4,485.3 4,519.8 4,568.8
Canned/Preserved Soup 3,595.7 3,617.7 3,650.9 3,663.7 3,673.5 3,694.9
Chilled Soup 182.1 194.9 208.1 221.5 235.7 250.5
Dehydrated Soup 353.8 354.9 355.8 356.6 357.0 358.6
Frozen Soup 27.4 26.4 25.5 24.6 23.6 22.6
Instant Soup 47.8 46.8 45.9 45.0 43.9 43.1
UTH Soup 141.5 151.8 162.4 174.0 186.0 199.2
(Condensed or RTE)            
Source: Euromonitor International, July 2011.
2011 Actual with remainder a forecast

Soup Facts Core Consumers

Soup Facts Geographic Regions

Soup Facts Geographic Regions
   Eatings by U.S. Region %
    North East – New England 4.9
    North East – Mid-Atlantic 14.5
    Central – West North Central 19.5
    Central – East North Central 8.8
    South – South Atlantic 16.2
    South – East South Central 9.4
    South – West South Central 8.8
    West - Mountain 8.3
    West - Pacific 6.0
Source: NPD Group  
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